Turkish Village Restaurant & Cafe

The Turkish Village Restaurant and Cafe is located in Dubai Festival City, Dubai. It first official opening was in March 2017. This is the second branch after the one in Jumeirah, Dubai.

Short for TVR, this branch definitely kept the Ottoman cultural touch as of its previous branch. It has also evolved the modern artistic approach for its design. The industrial design focused more on mechanical creativity while appreciating raw and unfinished interiors in a gorgeous way to bring out style to the restaurant.

The Turkish Village Restaurant and Cafe, has an outdoor area with the fountain and lazer show view. the seating area outside was designed and placed in the most convenient way for the customers to enjoy the entertainment while having their delicious meals.

The greenery plays a major role in the design of the restaurant. It creates life to the place, and it also adds a refreshing feeling to the customers as well the staff!

LOCATION: Dubai Festival City, Dubai
TOTAL AREA: 6423.63 sqft
Restaurant Area: 5,823.63 sqft
Cafe Area: 600 sqft
Tables & Chairs Restaurant (Indoor) : 250
Table & Chairs Restaurant
(Outdoor): 42
Benches: 53.2 Lm
Tables & Chairs Cafe: 25
Benches: 4.8 Lm back